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And To All Lighted Burlap Bag

  • These lighted burlap sacks add just the perfect light to any room for that warm and cozy feeling. The perfect addition to your Christmas decor! Each lighted burlap sack is handmade, and accented with a homespun tie (ties may vary depending on availability). Measures approximately 16" H, 12" W. The lead length of the light strand is approximately 24".


    The light strands we use on all of our lighted products we purchase from a company. While we can't guarantee the life span of each light strand, we take steps to test each light strand to make sure that they are in working order before they are used and shipped out to our customers. Please keep in mind that we have no control over how our customers use the lights and are not responsible for replacing light strands due to customer use. All light strands come with replacement bulbs/fuses. If you are experiencing a light outage with your light strand, we suggest replacing the bulbs/fuses. A light strand replacement kit is also available for purchase.

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